Benefits of Salty Lemonade

For Vietnamese people, salty lemonade is a household product that is being enjoyed for centuries, not only for the refreshing and delicious taste, but also for its health benefits. The salt in salty lemonade helps replenish the sodium that is lost from sweating, and the fermented lemons or limes provide many of the essential enzymes to keep the body going. Think of salty lemonade as the natural sports drink that is filled with electrolytes, Vitamin C, probiotics, and enzymes.

But salty lemonade is not only an excellent thirst quencher, it is also a healer in itself. Vietnamese families use it to heal and maintain a healthy gut, get rid of excess water and fat, balance and increase energy, treat constipation and diarrhea, combat the cold and flu, relieve sore throat, as well as many other ailments.


Try it to believe it. 


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