Original Salty Lemonade

Original Salty Lemonade and Salty Lemonade Soda
Put 1 tablespoon of the salty lemonade mixture (already has sugar fermented in) into a cup.
Pour chilled sparkling water, or filtered water into the cup.
Mix, add ice, and Enjoy!
**If you are using the salty lemonade concentrate (no added sugar), put 1-2 teaspoons of the concentrate and the amount of sweetener of your choice. We like organic cane sugar. 
***Add ice if preferred. But from our experience, when using sparkling water, it tastes better without ice, just make sure to chill your sparkling water beforehand. However, with regular water, it tastes amazing with ice.
****Can drink hot or cold.

*****This recipe makes 1 cup. Add some grind mint to the recipe for an extra kick. Or add some fresh lemon juice or grapefruit for a nice tart taste. This is definitely one of our favorite recipes. Simple, yet so delicious!