Regular Salty Lemonade

(Crowd's Favorite) this is the lemonade that you most likely had at one of our farmers' markets or participated events. 

Regular Salty Lemonade 

This regular salty lemonade flavor will sure to please any lemonade (or non lemonade) lover. This recipe tastes very much like the traditional lemonade, but only better! By adding a little bit of the salty lemonade concentrate into the fresh lemonade makes a world of difference in taste and benefits. Some of our customers like to say "It makes your lemonade go from good to amazing", and it is 100% true. 

This flavor also acts as a great mixer for different drinks. 

For best taste and benefits, prepare the lemonade a day before and place it in the fridge overnight to allow it to do a slow 2nd ferment (or outside, but make sure to refrigerate the drink the next morning). If the weather is too warm outside, we suggest leaving it in the fridge overnight to avoid over fermenting. Letting it sit overnight allows the enzymes to do their magic by bringing the flavor nicely together.  


* 8 cups of water.

* 2 cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

* 1 and 3/4 cups of organic cane sugar.

* 1.5 tablespoons of  the "salty lemonade concentrate" (no added sugar).

* 8 cups of ice (or however much you prefer).

Mix all ingredients together except ice until sugar is fully dissolved, and then add ice and enjoy.

Once you master making this flavor, It will be very easy to adjust by adding different flavors in. We love adding tea, hibiscus, pineapples, and different berries to the mix. 


**Although you can use any kind of sweetener, but if you are looking for the best taste like the one we make, then use organic unrefined cane sugar. 

***Please be advised: the drink can turn into alcohol if left outside in the warm weather for too long. In the fridge it's good for about 4-6 weeks before it gets too fermented. 

****This makes about 1 gallon. If it is too strong for you, we suggest adding more water or ice instead of decreasing the amount of sugar or lemon juice, but of course you can adjust to your tasting. Happy creating! 


Perishable. Please refrigerate leftovers.