Apple Cider Vinegar Lemonade Concentrate - 16oz

Salty Lemonade


Our Apple Cider Lemonade Concentrate is made with all natural ingredients with no chemicals. First, the lemons are fermented with sugar and sea salt. Then, we take the lemon syrup that was created from the fermentation and add it to apple cider vinegar (with the mother) to create the most tasting apple cider vinegar lemonade you will find anywhere. Even those who find apple cider vinegar too daunting to consume will find our apple cider vinegar lemonade super delicious. Just add a tablespoon or so to tea or water for an instant, refreshing, healthy lemonade drink.


Ingredients: fermented lemon syrup (organic pure cane sugar, lemon, Himalayan sea salt), organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother).


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