Salty Lemonade Mixture (WITH SUGAR ADDED) for Vietnamese salty lemonade "chanh muoi" - 8 oz

Salty Lemonade


Our signature salty lemonade products are made with limes that have been fermented for at least 1 year. It is a long process to get it just right, but the end result is one of the most healthy and delicious drinks.

This product (Salty Lemonade Mixture) is our all time favorite and it takes the longest of all products to produce, at least two years. Once the limes are ready, they are chopped and mixed with sugar to allow them to ferment together in order to produce an amazingly, healthy, delicious drink. This product is similar to our Salty Lemonade Concentrate where you can use to make excellent Vietnamese salty lemonade; but be aware these are two different products. Each has its own unique taste and benefits. 


Ingredients: organic cane sugar, fermented limes, water, salt.


Note: please be advised that the jar and or cloth pattern/design on the website may be different from the actual product. Our different jars and pattern/designs are based on current availability. Thank you for your understanding. 


To prepare original salty lemonade

Add 1-3 teaspoons of the mixture, depending on your preference, to one cup of water, mix, then add ice and enjoy. We love drinking it with sparkling water, but we suggest chilling your sparkling water before hand and not add any ice; the taste will be much better this way. It tastes best cold, but of course you can also have it room temperature or hot. Have fun and don't be afraid to mix up some crazy flavors!!!

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